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News 2015
The Combat Academy 2014 Awards

The Combat Academy held their Christmas party and awards ceremony at Saxtys (14/12/14). The awards started with a review of our achievements for 2014. 

We started in January with a huge result for Ash Amos who took a silver medal in the IBJJF European Championships. Other major achievements include 17 British Champions and a total of 201 medals won in striking and grappling arts. The breakdown can be seen below.

Gold 71 
Silver 50 
Bonze 43

Gold 6 
Silver 19
Bronze 12

Gold 77
Silver 69 
Bronze 55

In the UKBJJA rankings we had 9 juniors in the top 20, 2 adults in the top 15 and 1 master in the top 4. 

In addition to this Alex Quinn, Dali Hopkins and Ryan Hill were selected to be part of the UK BJJ Elite Youth Squad. Alex and Dali were further selected to represent the UK team at The IBJJF Pan American Kids Championships being held in America next year.

The Combat Academy 2014 Awards were made as follows.

Most improved karate student: Hollie Hoult

Most improved BJJ student: Dali Hopkins

Most promising karate newcomer: Chelle Banes

Most promising BJJ newcomer: Kelly Hopkins

BJJ Medal Hunter (Joint): Baz Hopkins & Alex Quinn

Karate Medal Hunter: Ryan Hill

Overall Medal Hunter Ash Amos

Adult BJJ Student of the year: Ash Amos

Junior BJJ Student of the year (Joint): Alex Quinn & Jackson Quinn  

Karate Student of Year: Jamie Baker

Fighters Fighter Award: Baz Hopkins

Carl Keates Corner Award: Marcin

Overall Student of the Year: Ash Amos

Appreciation Award: Emma Baker
Christmas Opening Times


Monday 22nd Combined class Karate training 5:30 - 7:00, Open Mat 7.00 - 8.30

Tuesday 23rd all lessons on as normal.

Wednesday 24th Closed

Thursday 25th Closed.

Friday 26th Closed.

Saturday 27th Open Mat 11:00 – 1:00.

Monday 29th Combined class Karate training 5:30 - 7:00, Open Mat 7.00 - 8.30

Tuesday 30th all lessons on as normal.

Wednesday 31st Closed


Thursday 1st Closed

Friday 2nd Karate lessons as normal. 

BJJ Open Mat 7:30 – 8:45

Saturday 3rd Open Mat 11:00 – 1:00

Monday 5th all lessons on as normal.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Beginners Course (Adults)

Our next beginners course for adults The course starts on Friday 6th February 2015 and runs for four weeks.

Class Time: 7:30 - 8:45 pm

The cost for the 4-week beginners course is £24.

Please click >here for full details

Combat Academy Juniors Selected to Represent UK Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team

Alex Quinn, Dali Hopkins and Ryan Hill have been selected to be part of the UK BJJ Elite Youth Squad. Ryan was selected to represent the UK team at The IBJJF European Championships and Alex and Dali were selected to represent the UK team at The IBJJF Pan American Kids Championships being held in America next year.

Blue Belt Promotion

Ash Amos promoted to Blue Belt (27/01/2015).

Ash has been training with us for just under two years, during which he has consistently trained 5+ BJJ sessions per week, including regularly making a 2-hour round trip to train with our affiliate club Tillery Combat, and attending seminars throughout the country.

Ash supplements his BJJ with a rigorous strength and conditioning programme and he helped several of our team with their S&C prior to the Euros.

Always willing to contribute to the growth and development of our club, Ash is as interested in the progress and achievements of his team mates, as he is his own, he is a real team player.

Some of his achievements are listed below, it is worth noting that many of his wins were via submissions, and for some of the NoGi events he fought above his belt/experience level.

NoGi British Open Champion
English Open Champion -100.5 kg
 English Open Champions Absolute
Hereford BJJ Open -100.5 kg Champion

IBJJF European Championships -100.5 kg Silver Medalist
2 x Hereford BJJ Open -100.5 kg Champion
Hereford BJJ Open Absolute Silver Medalist
Bristol BJJ Open Champion
Welsh Open Silver Medalist
NoGi British Open Champion
Welsh Open NoGi Champion
Ranked number one white belt in the UKBJJA rankings
Voted Combat Academy BJJ Student of the Year and Overall Student of the Year.

IBJJF European Championships -100.5 kg Silver Medalist.
IBJJF Pan Kids

A huge congratulations to Combat Academy fighter Dali Hopkins who has just returned from America where she competed in the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation Pan Kids World Championships.

A pupil at Our Lady's School, Dali has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for around 2 years years, and most weekends can be found traveling the length and breadth of the country to test her skills. 

Following her competition successes in the UK in 2014, including becoming English Open, Nottingham Open, Bristol Open Champion and a Silver medalist at the British Open, Dali was invited to try out for the UK Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Youth Squad. 
Her commitment and effort in these tough training sessions, led to her selection for the UK Team.

Dali trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 4-5 times a week at The Combat Academy and supplements this with 2-3 conditioning sessions at one of her sponsors, The Point4.

Dali traveled to Los Angeles with the 21 strong squad to compete against around 2000 youngsters in the Worlds biggest BJJ competition for kids.

Following a quick submission win in the semi-finals, Dali faced the 2014 World Champion Elisa Arroyo, and in a highly contested fight against a very game opponent, Dali took the victory by 6 points to 0 and was crowned IBJJF Pan Kids World Champion.

Another Combat Academy youngster was also part of the UK team. Nine year old Alex Quinn quickly defeated his first opponent from the Atos Team with a submission hold, but unfortunately he lost his second fight to the eventual bronze medalist.  

Combat Academy Newsletter: March 2015

Please click >here for our latest newsletter 
Purple Belt Promotion

Marcin Grzeszczuk has been awarded his Purple Belt after taking double gold in his weight and the absolute at The Hereford BJJ Open. (28th March 2015).

Marcin joined the Academy as a Blue Belt just over one year ago, and during this time he has proved himself to be not only an excellent fighter, but also a tremendous asset to the club. He will always roll with the beginners, taking time to help them and is always there helping out at our events.

In training he often doubles up on the exercises in the warm-up, he gets on with the drilling getting in as many reps as possible and he never misses a round of the sparring. He always looks to stay on after class for additional rolling or can be seen hanging from the chinning bar!

Over the last year some of his major achievements include:

2014 British Open Silver Absolute
2014 NoGi British Open Champion Blue Belt
2014 NoGi British Open Bronze Absolute Blue Belt
2014 Welsh Open NoGi Blue Belt Champion
2014 Welsh Open NoGi Purple Belt Absolute Bronze
2014 Welsh Open NoGi Blue Belt Absolute Champion
2014 Hereford BJJ Open Champion
2015 Hereford BJJ Open Champion weight and absolute.

The Purple Belt is a huge belt at The Combat Academy, and Marcin becomes only the 11th person to be awarded a Purple Belt in our 12 year history.

Kleos High Wycombe BJJ Open

Bristol BJJ Open

Congratulations to the team on an awesome performance at The Bristol BJJ Open.

Ash Amos Gold in his weight and Gold in absolute.

Marcin Grzeszczuk Gold in his weight and Bronze in absolute.

Baz Hopkins Gold

Dali Hopkins Gold

Alex Quinn Silver

Robynn Quinn Silver

Dominykas Gaigalas Silver

Ryan Hill Silver

Ben Oliver Bronze.
Welsh BJJ Kids League

A fantastic day for our junior team at The Welsh Kids BJJ League held in Cardiff. Our team of 5 came back with, 6 gold medals and 1 silver medal.

Boys -27kg
1st – Alex Quinn – Combat Academy
2nd – Guy Purnell – Pedro Bessa BJJ
3rd – Jayden Grey – CRA

Boys -50kg (13-15)
1st – Dominykas Gaigalas – Combat Academy
2nd – Dylan O’Brian – Bristol dojo

Boys -60kg (13-15)
1st – Ryan Hill – Combat Academy
2nd – Billy Hayes – Carlson Gracie
3rd – Connor Griffiths – NPMMA Pedro Bessa

Boys/girls -65kg (13-15)
1st – Ryan Hill – Combat Academy
2nd – Jack Browne – CRA
3rd – Kasey Lyon – Fightworx Academy
4th – Madison Murphy – Fightworx Academy

Girls -46kg
1st – Dali Hopkins – Combat Academy
2nd – Elle May Griffiths – NPMMA Pedro Bessa

Girls +46kg
1st – Dali Hopkins – Combat Academy
2nd – Robynn Quinn – Combat Academy
3rd – Ffion Lewis – NPMMA Pedro Bessa
Belt Promotions

Congratulations to Ty Husbands (Purple Belt) and Barry 'Baz' Hopkins (Blue Belt) on their promotions.

Ty was promoted to blue belt in April 2011 following a very successful run at White Belt. Since obtaining his blue, Ty has competed at many events throughout the UK and the IBJJF European Championships held in Lisbon.

Ty's achievements at Blue Belt are shown below:


Welsh Open Silver medal


British Open Silver medal

British Open No Gi Silver medal

Hereford BJJ Open February Silver (weight)

Hereford BJJ Open February Silver (absolute)


Newquay Open Gi silver medal

Newquay Open NoGi bronze medal

British Open NoGi Champion

Welsh Open NoGi Bronze medal (Purple belt)

English Open Bronze medal

Hereford BJJ Open Champion

Hereford BJJ Open Silver Medal


Kleos High Wycombe BJJ Open Champion, recording three submission wins to take the gold medal.

Baz started training BJJ in December 2012, his achievements at White Belt are shown below.


Hereford BJJ Open silver medalist

Welsh Open Champion

British Open bronze medal

Hereford BJJ Open Silver medal (weigh)

Hereford BJJ Open Silver medal (absolute)

Nottingham BJJ Open Silver medal

Hereford BJJ Open Champion


Bristol BJJ Open Champion

Welsh BJJ Open Champion

British Open Champion

Hereford BJJ Open Champion

Newquay BJJ Open Bronze (Gi)

Newquay BJJ Open NOGI Champion

British Open NoGi Champion

English Open Champion

Nottingham BJJ Open Bronze

Hereford BJJ Open Champion


Kleos High Wycombe BJJ Open Champion

Hereford BJJ Open Champion (weight)

Hereford BJJ Open Champion (weight)

Hereford BJJ Open Champion (absolute)

Bristol BJJ Open Champion.

In addition to attending regular classes, both regularly get in extra sessions at the club and Ty regularly makes the 2-hour round trip to train with our affiliate club, Tillery Combat.

Over the years, they have contributed to the growth and development of our club, helping out with work at the club, helping out beyond what is expected of them at our Hereford BJJ Open events, and helping the new members of the club in the beginners class or with the juniors.
The Hereford BJJ Open

Entry to our next event on Sunday 13th September 2015 is now live.

The event is for Juniors (-16) & Juveniles (16-17) and Adult (18-35) & Master 2 (36+) White Belts

Event details can be found here http://www.thecombatacademy.com/HO28.html

Online entry here http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-hereford-open-28-brazilian-jiu-jitsu-championships-gi-tickets-17477027259

Blackpool BJJ Open and Kleos NoGi

Nine members of our team traveled to the Blackpool BJJ Open and Kleos NoGi events and returned with a total of 4 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Competing at her first NoGi event, Kelly Hopkins stepped up a weight division and took gold in the White / Female / Adult / 61.5kg category beating her very accomplished opponent in the final 11-0.

Steve Wood collected a hard earned silver medal in the White / Male / Adult / 79.5kg category.

Rufus Spiller put in a very good performance to take the silver medal in the Blue / Male / Adult / 67.5kg.

At the Blackpool Open Dominykas Gaigalas stepped up two weight divisions to take gold in the MALE WHITE TEEN 2 -60KG category.

Performance of the day went to Ryan Hilll, who despite still being eligible to fight in the junior division, stepped up to compete in the adult Gi and NoGi categories, in addition to the Juvenile division. Ryan took Gold in the Adult Gi, Silver in the Adult NoGi and a Silver in the Juvenile Gi division.

Dali Hopkins had some tough fights on her way to the silver medal in the girls under 50 kg category.

Baz Hopkins put together some good wins to take bronze medals in both the Gi and NoGi events.
Belt Promotion

Dominykas Gaigalas has been promoted to Grey belt. 

Often having to step up an age, weight and belt division, Dom has been tearing it up at events throughout the country, most recently taking the gold medal at the Blackpool BJJ Open. Despite being only 13, in addition to the junior classes, Dom also trains 2-3 sessions a week in the adult class. Well done from all of your team.
The Karate Team in the Medals

The Karate Team were recently invited to take part in the ECKA Bletchley Dragons Interclub tournament. The competition which hosted 7 clubs from within the English Contact Karate Association featured the disciplines of Semi Contact point fighting and Light Continuous kick boxing.

18 members of The Combat Academy Hereford made the 250 mile round-trip journey to take the competition by storm. For some of the team it was their first ever competition, for others their first time in a new discipline and three of them stepping up in to adult divisions for the first time, so a lot of new experiences for the team.

They were not phased by this one bit and every member of the team won fights and got placed in the top three showing great spirit, skill and determination at an exceptional level, with amazing team spirit and support from family and friends.

With most of the fighters taking part in two disciplines, the total medal tally came in at a whopping 31 trophies out of 18 fighters. 14 Gold, 10 Silver & 7 Bronze.

Individual results:

Semi Contact
Aiden Huttel Gold
Erin Edwards Gold
Craig Huttel gold
Ryan Edwards gold
Chelle Banes Gold
Declan Barrett Gold
Ryan Hill Gild
Mantas Saulevicious Silver
Kyle Huttel Silver
Lisa Huttel Silver
Daniel Gwynne Silver
Liam Gwynne Bronze
Josh Small Bronze 
Kay Parker Bronze 
Darren Huttel Bronze

Light Continuous
Aiden Huttel Gold
Josh McMillan Gold
Kyle Huttel Gold
Liam Gwynne Gold 
Chelle Banes Gold
Daniel Gwynne Gold
Ryan Hill Gold 
Mantas Saulevicious Silver
Erin Edwards Silver
Craig Huttel Silver
Ryan Edwards Silver
Lisa Huttel Silver
Declan Barrett Silver
Aimee Farley Higgs 
Chelle Banes Bronze
Simon Day Bronze
Black Belt Promotion

Jack Dodds has become the latest member of our club to earn himself the rank of black belt within the English Contact Karate Association. Jack who has trained with The Combat Academy for six years, undertook the grueling grading in Coventry at the ECKA Headquarters, consisting of a two and a half hour training course and then straight in a two hour technical grading on the ECKA syllabus, freeform and sparring.  
Jack performed with others in a similar position in the quest of Black Belt, in front of a grading panel consisting of Sensei Dev Barret 7th Dan, ECKA Chief Instructor and former World Kickboxing Champion and Sensei Red Walcott 6th Dan.