Our Guarantee

• Weigh-in times and the competitors list will be posted online at least 5 days before the event

• The event will run to the scheduled times

​• All categories will be completed and the medals presented by 6.00 pm

• We will provide bleacher seating for 280 spectators

• A warm-up area will be provided for the competitors

​• Results will be posted online within 24 hours of the event.


Gi  -  No Gi  -  Gi cash prize absolute

Age and Belts Categories:

​• Male and Female: White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black Belts.

​• Adult (born 2001 and before) 

​• Master 1 & 2 combined (born 1989 and before)

​• Master 3+ (born 1978 and before)

Weight Categories:

IBJJF Gi Weight Chart  >here

IBJJF NoGi Weight Chart  >here

Cash Prize Absolute

Separate cash prize absolutes will be offered for all of the age and belt categories listed above.

The following absolute weight categories will be offered:

​• Male -82.3 kg and +82.3 kg 

​• Female -64 kg and +64 kg

100% of the entry money for each absolute, will be awarded to the winner of that absolute.

The Point 4
​Venns Lane


Adult Spectators £5 pay on the door

Accompanied -16 Free

For further information please e-mail dave@thecombatacademy.com

Sunday 1st December 2019
 Gi - NoGi - Cash Prize Absolute