Training Fees

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Click >here for details of the training fees for our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.


​Mixed Martial Arts

​1 lesson per week – £30
2 lessons per week – £40
3 lessons per week - £50
Unlimited MMA £60
Unlimited MMA +BJJ £70
Unlimited MMA+BJJ+K1 £80


Karate & Kickboxing

For your first four lessons training fees are at the introductory price of £5 per lesson for juniors, £6 per lesson for adults.

Following the four lessons, training fees are paid by monthly standing order as follows:

Junior Karate & Kickboxing
1 lesson per week £24 pcm
2 lessons per week £35 pcm
Unlimited Karate £40 pcm

For adults we offer two levels of training fee.

Level 1 
This level of training fee is available to those who are willing to help out at the karate competitions that we run in Hereford. 

Money made from these events is used towards the running costs of our premises, therefore reducing training fees.

In return for discounted training fees we ask for a minimum of 12 hours help per year at our events.

Adult Level 1 Karate / Kickboxing
1 lesson per week £30 pcm 
2 lessons per week £40 pcm 
3 lessons per week £45 pcm 
Unlimited Karate lessons £50 pcm

Adult Packages
Unlimited BJJ + MMA £70 pcm
Unlimited BJJ + Karate & Kickboxing + MMA £80 pcm 

Level 2
For those who are unable to fulfil the 12 hours, training fees are 1.5 x the prices shown above.

Training fees are payable on the 1st or 15th of the month by Standing Order. 

Please speak with our staff for the standing order details.

Family discount:
For three members of the same family, the third (and any subsequent) members of the family will train for free.

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