The Combat Academy Karate team practice a style of Karate called Modern Contact Karate. This is a Kickboxing based style which has taken many of the best parts of traditional karate, western boxing and Muay Thai to combine and form its syllabus.

Do not be put off by the word contact as there are many variations and levels of competition for those that wish to take part, including:

Non Contact - Skilled use of techniques where speed and reflex wins

Semi Contact - Controlled point fighting

Light Continuous - Controlled non stop point fighting

Full Contact - Full on karate match where the aim is to knock your opponent out

Low Kick - As above but with kicks to the legs allowed.

K1 & Muay Thai - For those that want even more of a challenge than Low Kick
Most of our members choose to compete in one or more of the many disciplines on offer, even those that are a little nervous in fighting soon get the bug after competing in one of our many Interclub Competitions. For those who wish to compete more, we travel to many competitions around the country collecting the silverware and have a very strong following and support from our family members.

For those that don't wish to compete, it is not compulsory, although it is encouraged as we believe it can really boost an individuals confidence. Freeform is also a competitive option in itself and ideal for those that wish to compete but may be unable or choose not to fight.

Our Karate Team is affiliated to the English Contact Karate Association (ECKA), one of the largest of its kind in the country. 

Being part of the ECKA also gives us membership of the English Karate Federation (EKF), the National Governing Body for the sport of Karate.​

ECKA Chief Instructor

The Combat Academy's Karate Instructors guidance comes directly from the ECKA Chief Instructor Sensei Dev Barrett.

Sensei Dev Barrett 7th Dan, has been training in Karate for over 40 years. 
The former World Full Contact Champion is the current WAKO GB Director for Ringsports, has been a comittee member for the EKGB (former governing body) and is an International Referee in all disciplines.

Sensei Dev brings all his experience to the table each and every time you meet or train with him. Most of you will meet him early on in your training career as he is also the associations Chief Grading Examiner.​
The Combat Academy: 
Karate Belts

The Combat Academy Karate team is affiliated to the English Contact Karate Association and therefore follows their grading structure.

To be eligible to take part in an ECKA grading you must meet certain criteria, have full understanding of the relevant grading syllabus and pay the relevant ECKA grading fee.

All ECKA gradings are examined on National Level and will be carried out by an external Grading Examiner.


No Belt
1st Kyu Brown

For younger junior members a Junior Red Belt (pre Red Belt), may be awarded, also junior belts may be given up to 4 stripes after completing certain elements of the syllabus. This is awarded at club level.
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