Coach: Patrick Baker

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Hereford BJJ Open

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu First Degree Black Belt (Dave Coles)

2018 IBJJF New York Open Bronze Medal

2018 National Masters Bronze Medal

2017 National Masters BJJ Championships Black Belt Heavy Champion 

2017 IBJJF European Championships Bronze Medal

2017 IBJJF European Championships Bronze Medal (Absolute)

2016 IBJJF European Champion Medium-heavy

2016 IBJJF European Championships Bronze Medal (Absolute)

2016 IBJJF European Masters Silver Medal

2014 British Open Bronze Medal

2013 IBJJF European Championships Bronze Medal Purple Belt.

2011 Hereford BJJ Open 10 Silver Medal

2011 BJJ British Open Silver Medal

2011 Welsh Open BJJ Champion Purple Belt

2009 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu CBJJ International Masters & Seniors Blue Belt Senior 2. Meio Pasado Champion

2009 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Celtic Open Blue Belt Medium Heavy Champion

BJJ Seni 2007 Bronze Medal

​ECKA Karate Black Belt

2011 ECKA Light Continous Champion

2011 Tipton Open Karate Championships Silver Medal

​2011 ECKA Grand Prix winner

2011 ECKA national champion continuous

Pat has refereed at The BJJ British Open, BJJ Junior Nationals and several high profile Karate events.

He has also competed with success at several Sport Ju Jutsu events with the following results:

NJJKC Sport Jutsu Champion 2001

NJJKC Midlands June 2002: Gold Masters Open.

NJJKC Welsh Open Feb 2004: Silver.

NJJKC Southerns April 2004 Silver.